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Mexican Biker Rings

$ 250.00

Mexican Biker Rings, Call for inquiries.   
Tel: 310-558-9244.

Email: for custom sizes.

These are hand crafted Mexican Rings made by Don Felipe who learned his craft in Mexico in the 1950's making these rings.

Made of solid silver, brass and copper. Rings weigh 1.3 oz solid sterling silver shank with the shields and face in copper and brass.

Don Felipe traveled to Mexico to find the original molds from his old employer. He is now recreating these rings right here in Los Angeles, Calif.

The history of these rings: After the Mexican Civil War the peso was devalued. So craftsmen started melting down the worthless pesos and making them into big solid rings that were never meant to be high fashion jewelry.

Then as the American Motorcycle "Clubs" in the 40's & 50's traveled down to Mexican border towns, such as Juarez, Mexicali, Tecate and Tijuana, they discovered these souvenir rings for about five dollars. So they would buy four rings and they would become a legal "brass knuckle".

Now these rings are highly collectible.

Fortunately, these rings are cast from the same molds by an original Mexican artist who made them back in the day.  You can't get them anymore original than that.  Get them while he lasts!


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