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Blue Suede Vintage Box Purse

$ 35.99 $ 46.00

Rare! Blue suede vintage box purse accented with scalloped gold edges.

  • Blue suede has a velvety finish. A few knicks as shown in photos (White spots where the material has been knicked
  • Lined with blue satin finish fabric
  • Sturdy vintage condition ensures many more years of appreciative use
  • Handle is metal finish and stationary, it does not pivot or swivel.
  • Slide push button locket closure keeps the purse secure.
  • Gently used
  • Two mirrors inside; one affixed to the inside lid, the other is small loose mirror on the inside pocket

Measures 9.5 inches wide,  5 1/4 inches high, 4 1/4 inches.

Vintage piece, one of a kind. Non-returnable.

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