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3 in 1 Black Trés Chic Vintage Clutch

$ 34.99

3 for the price of 1!  Interchangeable black vintage clutch.

Designers thought of everything back then. This black clutch has a removable outside panel that you can use to match any attitude or function you may need to attend.

  • Remove the panel et voilà you have a matte black sophisticated look perfect for the office.
  • Snap the panel on one side and you have patent black leather & you're ready for Friday night.
  • Turn the panel around and you have black velvet! You're ready for the opera or any black-tie affair.

Measures 11 inches at base and tapers to 8.5 inches at top. Snap closure and zippered pocket inside. One of a kind vintage piece!  Trés chic!

Vintage item, non-returnable.




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