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About Us

Who is BabyJo?

I named the company after my dearly departed mom, Betty Jo. My dad always affectionately called her, "BabyJo". She was quite the sharp dresser and always, always looked like a lady.

Our story

My Baby Jo was founded and started by rockabilly/retro enthusiasts Darla and Isaiah in 1999. They first began creating women's hairpieces and other small goods that paid homage to the glorious 1940’s-1960’s. The demand for these items was so large that they opened an online shop that helped people from all over the world purchase a few items for their collection.
Time passed by and in 2002, My Baby Jo, opened up their retail location in the beautiful city of Palms, California. Darla and Isaiah realized at that time there wasn’t a retail location that catered to retro/vintage enthusiast like themselves so they decided to open a shop that carried apparel, accessories, and other home furnishings that kept the love for the 40’s-60’s alive.
My Baby Jo also pride themselves in carrying brands that are local and are made in the good old U.S of A. My Baby Jo also has a house brand of vintage inspired apparel. These items are done with dead stock vintage fabrics and are cut, sewn, and stitched as they were back in the day. My Baby Jo also carries an exquisite selection of beautifully crafted hats for men in various sizes and colors for men of all taste. If you are ever in the area, please come visit us at 10418 National Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90034. If you are unable to come see us, you can always shop online at